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Choosing a Way Out walks you through the experience of a devoted Christian couple who find their family suddenly shipwrecked by pornography. Feel the desperation of trying to protect a well-crafted image for others to admire. Connect the dots between unresolved childhood trauma and anxiety disorder and PTSD. Imagine what it’s like to have a son ask, “Do you love my dad?” and to struggle to say ‘no’ to divorce, and ‘yes’ to God, her husband, and their wedding vows.

Read the story of how the author learned to unlock her repressed grief and found answers at the bottom of that deep pit. Learn the hope found in a Christ-centered restoration team and marriage counselor, and the breakthroughs and restoration of trust, friendship, and intimacy…

Rob Jackson, MS, LPC,


Marriages are suffering. People are hurting. In our microwave society, we desire deep commitment, but don’t understand that means we spend time in the slow cooker marinating our circumstances into a beautiful new life. The greatest marriages experience joy, heartache, blessings, curses, happiness, and pain.

It is in these seasons of life where we learn what it means to live in covenant with another person. Yet, each person must choose to push through the pain to restoration. “Choosing a Way Out” honestly addresses the issues that no one wants to talk about—addiction, anxiety, depression, pornography, selfishness. It addresses the choices we make today to meet personal needs, to face the lies we’ve believed, to honor our marriage vows, and to allow God to bring about our healing.

Author, coach, and speaker, Kirsten Samuel shows a biblically-based plan to experience healing from the pain of pornography, betrayal, depression, and anxiety disorder.

Through sharing her personal journey, she shows readers how to go from crisis to covenant. Learn how to step out of the lies you’ve believed into God’s redeeming grace, hope, and freedom. There is abundant life beyond the bottom of the pit.

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About Kirsten

Kirsten Samuel is the author of 5 Lies Moms Believe, a weekly blogger, author, and coach. She believes that “having a good day” is a personal choice, no matter the circumstances. Through overcoming her personal pain, Kirsten believes it is possible to define, or redefine, your legacy today no matter your age, stage of life, or past mistakes.

Kirsten’s passion is to help the emotionally drained and spiritually disheartened person rediscover their purpose so they can boldly face the everyday challenges inherent in parenting and life with confidence, creativity, conviction, and celebration.

Writing from her country home in sunny Colorado, she and her husband celebrate the gift of each day. Connect with her at

What Others Are Saying

Do you believe it is possible to recover from addiction and depression? In “Choosing a Way Out”, you will walk with Kirsten Samuel and her husband, Dave, through the pain and reality of a secret life that threatened to end their marriage. The Samuels reveal how redemption and reconciliation are possible when you submit to God’s Plan. As you read their story, you’ll find hope for the wounds you carry as you learn a proven method to heal from devastating lies and step into faith-filled freedom.

Joanne F. Miller
author of Creating a Haven of Peace

As a pastor, I see the devastation pornography and depression causes to individuals, marriages, and families. It’s not something we choose to talk about often, but it is real and destroying lives and marriages. This book, “Choosing a Way Out”, chooses to tackle these subjects carefully and honestly. In reading through David and Kirsten’s story, you will see how God provides redemption and reconciliation when we are willing to submit to Him. You will journey with them and their amazing Restoration Team through the pain to restoration. Life is messy. Yet God restores beauty from the messiness.

Brady Boyd
Senior Pastor, New Life Church

So raw, so real, so insightful and well written. As you read their story, you’ll find hope for the wounds you carry. “Choosing a Way Out” will inspire you to new levels.

Scott & Bethany Palmer
The Money Couple,

From Broken to Healed: Kirsten Samuel’s poignant story of her personal journey through the crisis of her husband’s addiction to pornography is both touching and inspiring. The raw honesty with which she and Dave share their story brought tears to my eyes, but it also gave me hope that there is absolutely nothing that we can’t face when we allow Jesus to take the lead. Regardless of the crisis you may be facing, this book is a must read because the core answer is the same for all of us – allow Jesus to affect the healing.

Fran Veal
Author of the “Finding My Escape” novels

Via Amazon Reviews

“A Life Changing Message!”

“A brave message from a brave woman”


“Bold, Brave and Courageous!!”

“Kirsten Samuel writes a very raw tell of stories most would leave untold.” 

“You’ll feel the sun!”

“An incredible resource for any couple who think “they are the only one’s” walking the hard road of addiction.”


Why Read “Choosing a Way Out”?


  1. Marriages are in crisis, but there is good news.
    • 38 percent divorce rate as reported in 2017
    • In Christian marriages, where both spouses actively practice their faith, the divorce rate is lower – 20-25 percent (Shaunti Feldhahn and Tally Whitehead, The Good News About Marriage, Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah, 2014).
    • It takes both parties willing to work to bring healing in the marriage.
    • Microwave thinking vs Slow Cooker thinking.
  2. Pornography is insidious.
    • According to Barna group research (
    • More than one quarter (27 percent) of young adults ages 25 to 30 first viewed pornography before puberty.
    • Nearly half of young people actively seek out porn weekly or more often.
    • Teens and young adults consider “not recycling” more immoral than viewing pornography.
    • Teenage girls and young women are significantly more likely to actively seek out porn than women over age 25.
    • 66 percent of teens and young adults have received a sexually explicit image and 41 percent have sent one.
    • More than half of Christian youth pastors have had at least one teen come to them for help in dealing with porn in the past 12 months.
    • 21 percent of youth pastors and 14 percent of pastors admit they currently struggle with using porn. About 12 percent of youth pastors and 5 percent of pastors say they are addicted to porn.
    • When a spouse is involved in pornography, it breaks the relationship.
    • Men and women are both caught in this trap.
    • It is addictive behavior that will increase and degrade over time.
    • There is hope and treatment for pornography addiction just like there is for any other addiction.
    • The Christian community is not addressing this issue well.
  3. You always have a choice
    • Your past influences your future, but it doesn’t have to define
    • Sin is sin.
    • Healing is available if you are willing to do the hard work.
    • Trust is not a right; it is earned.

Suggested Questions

  1. Why did you write this book?
  2. What do you mean when you say we live in a microwave society?
  3. What would you say to women who just learned of their husband’s pornography addiction?
  4. Can a couple recover from addictive behavior such as pornography?
  5. How important is an accountability group to recovery?
  6. What are some steps a couple can take when their marriage is struggling?
  7. So how do you help people?
  8. You mention you are a coach. What kind of coaching do you do?
  9. What’s the best way for people to reach you?