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Do you bump up against the same problem repeatedly?
Do you feel like life is out of control?
Do you believe there is no way out of your current circumstances?

There is good news!

You can stop hitting that wall.
You have control.
You are not stuck.

But you have a choice to make.

Why work with a coach?

A coach asks questions without judging your response.
A coach helps you see possibilities where you only see obstacles.
A coach believes in you before you believe in yourself.

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One to One Coaching:

I learned the truth of these statements a few years ago when I experienced coaching for the very first time. What a difference when someone else walks alongside you, looks at the issues you’ve struggled with for years, and offers some compassionate insight, along with love-filled truth.

Couple’s Coaching:

My husband and I benefitted greatly from team coaching during a significant marriage crisis. In fact, this team of concerned people changed the trajectory of our marriage by challenging our behaviors, beliefs, and bad habits. They helped us transform our marriage from hidden vows to transparent authenticity. They believed in us when we thought all hope was lost for our marriage.

Deeper Path Coaching Experience

“People lose their way, when they lose their why.” Gail Hyatt

Do you know why you exist?
Do you need to discover or define your passion?
Are you tired of feeling like you have no purpose?
Do you feel wounded and wonder if you can recover?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you can find your way to a fulfilling life!

It is possible, and I’m here to help.

Join me on The Deeper Path Experience. We will walk through a proven process to discover your why and re-engage with your direction and purpose.

What’s Your Next Step?

Individual coaching options:

Single session
4 session commitment

Couples coaching options:

Single session
4 bi-weekly sessions
8 bi-weekly sessions

Deeper Path Experience group coaching:

10-week group coaching experience

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Disclaimer: Coaching is not counseling. We are not professional counselors. If we encounter issues during coaching that need to be addressed to a counselor, we will strongly recommend counseling.